How to Safely Dispose Unused Medications


Medical products, especially medicines, must be properly and safely disposed when expired or unused. This is to ensure the safety of the household.

Being a pharmacy that provides refill prescription, we often get asked by our customers how to properly dispose their medications. Here are our expert tips:

  • Many communities have drug take-back programs. You may check with your local government officials or the Drug Enforcement Administration to find a location near you. Some pharmacies also have their own programs and other ways to help you dispose of your unused medications safely, such as mail-back programs and on-site medicine drop-off.
  • You can also safely dispose of some medicines safely at home. Some medicines require you to flush them down the toilet or sink as they can be harmful. Make sure to check the information leaflet or the label on the medicine bottle or packaging. The US FDA has also listed the medicines that need to be flushed, so you may check the list online.
  • Some other medicines can be thrown in the trash. But you have to make sure that you remove the medicines from their original bottle and mix them with cat litter, dirt, coffee grounds, or anything undesirable. Put this mixture in a leak-proof container, plastic, or can before throwing it in the trash to avoid the medicine from spilling.

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