Compound Pharmacies vs. Regular Retail Pharmacies


Pharmacies play a major role in the healthcare industry. Not only is their main responsibility to provide various pharmaceutical products and services, but they also make sure the individuals buying it purchased the right one for the right needs. However, not all pharmacies will be able to give you what you need. Below are some differences between compound and retail pharmacies.

  • Standard vs. Customized Dosage While some medications just need to be taken in their regular dosage, some people, who have chronic conditions and need a refill prescription, need to have their medication dosages customized to be effective. Compound pharmacies can create customized dosages, whereas regular retail pharmacies cannot.
  • You Can Buy From Retail Pharmacies Faster The reason why people can buy faster from retail pharmacies is that they just sell medications and medical products that they’re selling and buyers may not have been told about some relevant information like allergic reactions. Unlike compounding pharmacies where before medications are released, pharmacists are usually careful about who to give the medication to or how they’ll use it.
  • Compounding Pharmacies Have More Access Compounding pharmacies have more access to medications compared to retail. For instance, certain medications may be off the market, but compounding pharmacies may formulate the off-the-market drugs. If you have medications no longer produced, call your nearest compounding pharmacy in Florida.

Whether the pharmacy is retail or compound, they both serve their purpose of helping people with their healthcare needs. Make sure to know which one you need. If you have medications you need but can’t find, make sure to call us at My Best Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida you can trust to help you with your medication needs.

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