Tips for Senior Medication Safety


Seniors are more likely to experience drug interactions and harmful side effects since they frequently take various medical products. Pharmacists, as specialists in medication, are in a unique position to advise on how to reduce these dangers and ensure the best possible health for the elderly.

As a trusted pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida, we want to share these tips you can ask your pharmacists when picking up your older adult’s prescriptions. 

  • Identify the Brand Name and Generic Name of the Medication
    Confirming the drug name and whether the doctor requested the brand name or generic medication helps in the prevention of medication errors. It also guarantees that you can request the correct refill prescription when necessary.
  • What to Do in Case of a Drug Overdose or Missed Dose?
    This is a critical question for several medications, as a patient may become ill as a result of missing a dose or mistakenly taking two doses in one day.
  • How Long to Take These Medications
    Make sure you understand how long each drug should be used and when it should be re-evaluated.

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