Medication Compliance Tips for a Quick Recovery


Proper medication compliance is essential for a successful and speedy therapy program. On the other hand, the improper administration of medication can increase the risk of medication resistance, uncomfortable side effects, and kidney damage.

We are your reliable Pharmacy in Florida, and here are some medication compliance tips from us:

  • Set Alarms or Leave Notes
    Taking medicine on time is essential to ensure that your body has enough time to process the medication and reduce the risk of medication resistance. Never miss a dose by setting alarms or leaving notes.
  • Organize Your Medication Properly
    Medication errors become more common for those with multiple prescriptions or therapy programs. Prevent errors and promote compliance by keeping your medication organized. There are many Pharmaceutical Products and Services like pillboxes and special packaging services to help with medication organization.
  • Create a Medication Chart
    A medication chart or schedule will help you determine what medications you need to take for the day and at what times. Leaving the chart in a visible place can also serve as medication reminders.
  • Create a Routine
    Refilling your medication simultaneously each week and incorporating your medication administration next to daily living routines like breakfast, brushing your teeth, or before mealtime preparation will help you build a routine that reduces the risk of missed doses.

These are just a few medication compliance tips from us here at My Best Pharmacy. We are a Compounding Pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida, providing supplements like Xymogen, durable medical equipment (DME), and many more. Call us at 561-200-4245 for more information.

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