Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist

Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist

When you are starting a new medication, it can take a while before you get used to the new change in your routine. Each medication comes with its own set of instructions with regard to dosage, schedule, and storage. Hence, it is essential that you discuss certain questions with your pharmacist to ensure the best outcome.

As a reputable pharmacy in Florida, we will share the questions you should ask your pharmacist:

  • What is my medication called?

    Each medication comes in two names: the generic and brand name. The latter is under a specific manufacturer that markets the product while the former is the standard name of the medication. Knowing these two names can help avoid mix-ups and ensure adherence.

  • Are there any medicines/supplements I should avoid/

    Some medications interact poorly with other medications. For instance, some prescription drugs may not go well with dietary supplements from Xymogen or other common vitamins. Asking your pharmacist this information will prevent harmful drug interactions that can affect your health.

  • What is my medication supposed to do?

    As an establishment offering pharmaceutical products and services, our pharmacists can help you understand your medicine better. This includes learning what to expect from your medication, as well as any potential side effects and what to do in case you miss a dose.

My Best Pharmacy is a trusted compounding pharmacy in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our team of pharmacy staff and pharmacists work together to provide high-quality products and services. If you have a question about your medication, feel free to visit our branch or reach out to us today.

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